An Affair to Remember

I never meant for this to become an affair...But as our travels unfolded, with the common thread of beautiful flowers across the globe...A floral affair unfolded.  

Flowers have been at the core of my design work, by way of fresh or fake.  Thru decorative wallpapers, fabrics, art or hand-printed floral embellishments. 

So...I always knew one day I would create a book dedicated to just flowers.  

While I easily could have stayed in Los Angeles to the photograph the book I decided to get outside of my comfort zone and create a journey of the unexpected that comes along with traveling.

My starting point was to bring UK based, Annabelle Daughtry on board.  She became our anchor.  Arranging planes, trains, automobiles, accommodations and every big and little detail in between.  She lead the way with her beautiful eye and calming energy.  Handling the laughter, tears, sick days and drama in stride.  

Amy Neunsinger, my beloved photographer signed up for the challenge.  Knowing our accommodations and form of travel would be on the scale of modest, to charming and exquisite.  With her hefty camera equipment as consolidated as possible, the help of her teenage sons; Jackson and August (our hired muscles) we set on our way from Los Angeles, to France, to Norway and then on to England.   

I am thrilled with the end results! We had beautiful subjects in gorgeous settings with exra ordinary hosts along the way.  There is a story to be told, which I believe I captured well in my book.  The lessons of flowers, patience, getting comfortable with the unknown and finally gratitude for the complete experience.  

I hope you enjoy the visual experience, along with the story telling...An affair to remember.  

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Randye Falk

I follow you on Instagram, love every one of your posts. The day after you posted that your book was available, my sister and I walked into one of the stores where I live that carry an exquisite collection of dishes, pillows, stationary, jams, picture frames, books and so much more. We opened the door, and there was your newest book, My Floral Affair! I picked up my copy right then, and have been loving the time I spend discovering your photographs and reading your text. What a treasure!

Michele Last

Just received my autographed copy yesterday. My 10th Rachel Ashwell book. What a fantastic, beautiful book to just immerse oneself in. It fulfilled all my expectations. Thank you Rachel!

Cheryl Shaw

I cannot express just how thrilled I was to receive this beautiful book. I have been following your work for over 20 years and own every book, CD, and a room full of furniture from the Shabby Chic store in Santa Monica!! I can go all over the place with my decor and when I start getting overwhelmed I pick up one of your books and it calms me, anchors me and guides me. I am so grateful for the beauty you share with the world!! I hope to meet you one day. You are my #1 interior design inspiration…This book is pure delight!!

Claudia Strasser

Hi Rachel, this book is definitely on my wish list! I love the photos you have here showing it in progress. We don’t always get to see behind the scenes and there’s a lot of magic there. Thanks for sharing these. It’s very inspiring and I can’t wait to get a copy!

jodi dascal

Rachel, I am an interior decorator and you are my idol! Thank you for giving my life such purpose and meaning and of course beauty! My best friend and I connected on our love for shabby chic and it still connects us to this day! Congrats on the new book! I can’t wait to pick it up!

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