My Little House On The Prairie

Ever since I was a tiny little girl, I always loved the TV show Little House On The Prairie... and my Mama too loved being out in nature.
So I am excited to share a little project I was involved in at The Prairie this past week.
A film crew descended upon the little Prairie... and made some magic, which will be revealed early Fall... will keep you posted.
For those that have fond memories of my show, I think this will please you... for a little. 


Jaimee Seabury

Yes! You can view the old Style TV show on our YouTube channel below, Enjoy!
Rachel Ashwell YouTube Channel


I would LOVE to be able to look at the old TV shows on Style. Is there ANY way one can do this? Streaming live or cd’s for sale? I’d buy them all!!


Hi Rachel, I miss your show so much as I used to watch it every time it was on. It gave me so many ideas and it’s where I was first introduced to Shabby Chic. This sounds very exciting and I am so looking forward to hopefully another show? I will be anxiously awaiting! I can’t imagine life without Shabby Chic, it makes me so happy!


hi Rachel I own 5 of your simply shabby chic armchairs from Target that I got about 6 years ago. I am needing slipcovers for them- ones that fit and look clean and neat but are not costly! I cant figure out what ones to get that will fit the chair. Can you please advise? Thanks, Kate

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