My love of lace goes way back.  Partly from those early days when I would quietly rummage thru my Mama's drawers, baskets and boxes studying scraps of old lace, embroidery and ribbons,  asking her "why, why this piece?"  While they were jumbled, there was order to her chaos and she had a great appreciation of the smallest leftovers, which I inherited into my world.
I would spend hours and hours studying the handwork of the labor of love from days gone by. I would imagine the conversations that may have transpired in lace making gatherings in the victorian days, or maybe the meditative silence that would come along with the need to concentrate. From then on, lace would catch my eye in all sorts of ways , but more in un-precious  ways.
For my wedding day, I used a scrap of lace as a scruffy bow in my hair, my version of a Vale perhaps.
During my set styling days, I became quite known for creating room sets with a feminine touch, while avoiding becoming overly fru-fru. Tattered elegance.
Over the years I have combined my mamas tat that she left to me along with my own found treasures and they have become core inspiration in my design work, either in a small discrete way, or sometimes as the star of the show.
A "work in progress" of something special coming soon...
My "less is more" philosophy runs true when layering lace into a home.  It's typically so beautiful, not much is needed and it can sit in a modern setting as comfortably as in traditional.
While the lace I use for my design work is no longer made by hand, my process of designing lace is based on scraps of days gone by.  My hope is that the beauty and soul are captured creating future heirlooms from the world of shabby chic.


Doré @ Burlap Luxe

Awww! Would we even expect any less then beautiful lace from your line. Such beauty you inspire, I use to use lots of lace throughout my home and it never felt like to much. I am now again longing for lace missed in with my French Farmhouse decor…perhaps lace panels under my drop cloth, giving it that rural rustic elegance.

See you soon



what beautiful reflections on lace, rachel. i inherited a soft spot for it as well. my mom gifted us with belgian lace sheer curtains as a wedding gift, and they came with us with every move…looking forward to seeing your new creations, and you have now inspired me to return to a lace project i put aside a couple of years ago. peace to you right where you are.

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