Palette For The Soul

I have to be careful to keep my mind focused, as it relates to things like eating the right foods (those sugars creep in), working out (a day, or two, or three goes by), avoiding idle information for my brain (unconsciously picking up those gossip magazines at the airport) and its so easy for bad habits to take hold.  But, no matter what is going on in the world, in my sleep, in my work, in my home, my color palette finds me, focused and consistent. My palette habit, is a healthy habit.

The aesthetic of my palette has always been soft, pinks, greens, blues and earth tones.

Over the years, while staying true to my palette, I have evolved to being attracted to the moodier spectrum of color, along with pale green has now come teal, along with pale pink has now come raspberry, and along with ivory has now come taupe and bleached raw woods.

 I have captured this palette in a chalk & clay paint line, of 10 perfect paints.

For me, these colors come to me consistently and easily without effort into my world and I never stray.  I think it’s that they are soft and soothing, and the attraction is authentic to me and what I like to surround myself with.

When I shop the flea markets, that’s the only palette my eye edits. In my home, whether in my workout space in my barn or a walk-by nook, whether in the world of Simply Shabby Chic at Target or in my couture stores, these colors always find their place, and they just work, aesthetically and soulfully.



Still my favorite palette too!! :)


The chippy walls are georgous! Can you tell me what the name of the color is on your walls? It’s a beautiful shade of green.


Dear Rachel,
Thank you so much for staying true to your colors! I have collected quite a few of your duvets, napkins and the lovely white and pink napkin rings, towels and window coverings over the years ~ from the Simply Shabby Chic line at Target as well as your former collection at Mervyn’s. Love all that you have created ~ and everything works well in our new “home” in our little trailer!
Thank you for making our homes lovely and ethereal,
Barb Chapman
French Ethereal

Carol Ann

Your palette in in my bedroom! It is so relaxing! Thank you for all that you do! You inspire me!?

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