Peace And Love

The beauty of imperfection has been the core of the world of Shabby Chic...  Visually I find imperfections (whether mushy cushions, wrinkles or flakey furniture) to make the world less intimidating and more welcoming.

And then, much as though the world of shabby chic may be perceived as just pretty things, as a designer it is very important to me that there is a soulful and spiritual basis, as truthfully that is what is in my heart is as I design, along with ruffles and roses.

As we all try and navigate through some of the more challenging events that happen to us personally or on a global level, especially recently, I believe there is value to feeding our souls, sometimes through soulful beauty, or however that is for us, so we can be the best we can be, the strongest we can be, and make meaningful decisions for the benefit of all.

For me, sometimes I find the simple focus of gratitude and thankfulness a meaningful part of my life.

Life can be painful, but I have learnt to understand the deeper the wounds, the deeper the scars and so the deeper the love.  And in this imperfect world, we experience it all.  Colors fade and threads become bare but there is a richness in this tapestry of life.

We make our contributions quietly in our own time, as we all do what we can to live a life of love and peace.



Mona Turner

Your style and values speak to my soul. To mindfully live a life of love, peace, joy and gratitude. Surrounding yourself with all that you love. Lovely posts!


Rachel, what a great post.

Vero Beach, FL -2009


Beautifully stated, wise and true. Thank you, Rachel.

Natalie Tomlinson

Totally Delightful!

Tara Key

This is my first time reading your blog and I am hooked. Your words and pictures are breathtaking as they speak to our common humanity and the desire of each one of us to live compassionately. Thank you…you made my day.

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