I always try to be super selective with the furniture and furnishings I bring into my home. I would rather go without something that doesn't feel quite right.  Especially because I seem to move around quite a bit, my furniture carries my memories often more than my home, and so I always strive to keep furniture forever.  So quality, and an aesthetic that is timeless, is important to me.

Over the years, I have furnished my home largely from the flea markets, and in doing so, I have honed my craft of understanding what qualities of a piece are most desirable and which qualify to be a forever piece.

It’s taken time, but I am excited to be introducing a curated collection of reproduced pieces, based on my personal, forever to keep collection.

This collection has been a labor of love, to achieve getting the carvings and the patina as authentic as possible along with making any functional requirements practical but subtle.

Over time, I will be adding to this collection, both in diversity of styles, romantic, modern and primitive, and in categories as I continue to add more pieces to this collection of beauties.


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Rachel, please make an outdoor patio set with cushions to endure the weather (I live in NJ) at Target. I need to replace the one I have but I will wait forever, if necessary, until you create one for Target. THANKING you in advance for all your creations, I just bought all your Christmas stuff at Target. (I have been waiting for that Pink Santa for a long time) However, he is hard to find in Target. THANK YOU, I just LOVE your style

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