Searching For Inspiration...

Recently I attended the Atlanta gift show… As when I go to fleamarkets, I am searching for products for and my store, and then also even though I tend not to follow trends, as a designer it's inspiring to see different finishes, capabilities and colour combinations. It’s a process for my eyes to weed through and curate different elements applied onto our products, of which I credit my years of training at the fleamarkets.  

Sometimes it can be little overwhelming and my eyes get tired before my feet. I try and go up and down the isles that are relevant to my search and avoid, in my case, food and jewelry... but it's always worth it to come away with a mind full of ideas.




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Leanne Ramnarine

I love this post. Sometimes I need to walk into an art gallery or walk around in garden conservatories to find inspiration. It can be visual overload sometimes but it’s so magical to find new inspiration.

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