My values of Beauty, Comfort and Function hold true with garden living as well as inside the home.
I am drawn to a little bit of an island aesthetic mixed with a quirky English garden.
No one does English quirky better than Odd Limited ( a wonderful English company specializing in garden furniture). 
Helen Bonham Carter said so eloquently about a rocker she purchased from them,
 "I sat in bliss on My Old Rocker and my bottom went to Heaven".
My fav summer purchase so far this year is what i am calling my creamy boho brolly. The fringe gives it a little bit of whimsy I think.  
The movement of rocking and swinging is heaven to me. I have a bed size swing on my balcony outside my bedroom, lined with mushy decorative pillows.  If I could remember being in a cradle it might have felt something like this.
A hammock is always a must, and typically quite affordable. Such a simple concept. If trees accommodate the support, great.  If not, I bought this teak stand when I worked on Pamela Anderson's house, which is a great solution if needed.
Fabrics designed for outdoor use, are the most practical way to go (sunbrella),  I often cheat and use fabric that i love even though they may need replacing more frequently.  I made some red and white chaise covers, which over time faded to pink, and made oversized shame covers from pale blue powder terry cloth.
In the end, at least for the summer months, all these bits and bobs come together for a yummy outdoor experience. 

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Stacy - Sweet Life Farm

Such beauty and sweet summer bliss!

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