Special Santa

I have always been attracted to the wonky and comeback story's... 

There can be a million reasons for the what and whys of the circumstance, but we all know life has it’s knocks, and it is how we navigate thru the Knocks that sets the tone for new chapters. Often, it’s with a better understanding and appreciation of the strength and fragility. Many of you know I was exposed to a metaphor of this process by observing my mamas process of restoring broken and battered antique dolls, often discarded by others. But In her hands, and with her vision, she was able to restore them. Still with the evidence of the knocks and bumps.  Always using scraps of hand dyed vintage fabrics and laces to make their clothes, all stitched by a needle and thread, making them all the more special.

We recently had a similar experience with our beloved Simply Shabby Chic Pink Santa, sold exclusively at Target (now sold out).  Somewhere in the shipping process one Santa was returned with a broken boot. On first thought he was placed on the discarded pile, which of course when found by me, I saw nothing but strength and beauty for having probably survived a big box being thrown on him, and so, the process of repairing his foot became a focus. After a few attempts from a peg leg to a floral sock, we landed on a wooden leg with a shabby scrap of fabric to celebrate his repair. And to me now, he is the most special of them all.

The beauty of imperfection continues as he stands solidly with humility, pride and glory.


Barbara Chapman ~ French Ethereal

I think your Santa with the wooden leg is beautiful! Having worked with young people in Special Ed programs, your Santa symbolizes the beauty in people who persevere despite having physical or mantel challenges. I hope you come out with a new Santa each year either here on your store website or at Target. <3

Vanessa Stevens

Hi, I love you style. I always want to purchase items, but always says you don’t ship to Wellington. This makes me sad.


Greetings Rachel,
This post made me smile. A job well-done!
“Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year.”

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