Over the years I have compiled my favorite beauty products, that have now become my daily ritual towards my efforts of looking healthy and summery.  I can't take credit for spending too much time researching all the latest beautification products… I find it all rather overwhelming.  But I do have my little Shabby Chic bag of tricks.

There are a million products and treatments to choose from… but here are my go to’s.

1 - I use my hands too much to expect polish to last too long… but Essie Ballet Slippers is pale enough for the inevitable chips. 2 - My fair English skin doesn't support sun bathing… especially my face… I find these Kate Somerville nifty (fake) tan towelettes quite wonderful and they prevent those orange palms, often created with fake tanning lotions. 3 - I have loved Kai Body Lotion forever... one scent… so Malibu. 4 - Those little lines and bags are creeping up, too much laughter, too much worry... life I suppose. But I find a little tiny drop of Kate Somerville Firming Eye Cream is quite effective. 5 - And finally, just love Blistex Soft and Lush lip protection....

My biggest indulgence of all though, whether I'm at home in Los Angeles or on the road, a trip to Dry Bar for a Mai Tai Blow Out… I am golden and ready to go.   As much as I have tried those "as seen on TV' hair tools and try so hard at blow drying, but it’s just not my thing.  As the years go by, insecurities set in, but I do find the cliche "beauty shines from within" a true statement, so my bag of tricks and reminding myself to also feed my heart and soul, is a good combo I think.

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m calco

Target used to carry the cutest furniture. Do you have any plans to add furniture back to the Simply Shabby Chic line?

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