Gypsy at heart but a homebody in my soul...

Regardless of my life long fear of flying, I moved 6,000 miles from my English roots a forever ago, and strategically placed my stores across the county, causing me to be a reluctant member of the "jet set" club.

In truth, I am a fearful flyer.  I have a specific routine and requirements of travel.  Not so much diva, but hi-maintenance.  I rarely fly at night and never take off in a storm.  I must have a window seat.  I usually interview the pilot before we take off to ask about the conditions of flying for the route ahead.  I have been known to abandon a flight if I don't get good feelings from the pilot.  I'm quite exhausting to travel with, although I say very little as I am super busy listening to the engines and looking out the window for oncoming planes.

I only book a hotel where the room can be accessed by stairs, as I am completely afraid of elevators too. Because of the cumbersomeness of my travel, I keep my travel baggage to the minimum, so I  can change plans as needed depending on my fears.  I pack lightly so that I can keep my bags on the plane, in case a quick getaway if needed.  For me, our RASCCouture travel bag is the perfect solution. Big enough to pack a lot, but not too big or heavy to lift into the luggage hold… and it’s so pretty too. Every season I design a new one, I have quite the collection and I appreciate the distraction of beauty, while I journey the world, in trepidation.

5 Things I Can't Travel Without:

  1. 1.Blue jeans
  2. 2. Leather jacket
  3. 3. Cowboy boots
  4. 4. Music
  5. 5. A top with glitter for an emergency fancy evening



Stacy - Sweet Life Farm

Thank you for sharing with this fellow homebody how you traverse this world! I appreciate the special care you give yourself. I love the Rosey Bouquet duvet. It is absolutely gorgeous! The matching weekender is a must-have for me. A bag this beautiful is certain to calm my nerves whilst away from home.


I just love you, you make me laugh with your flight itinerary stuff! I am a big fan of you, have been since you first started, the shabby shic makes my world a happy place! Thank you for you and all the inspiration! XO oh and I will be getting my new bag????


Hi Rachel! This bag is so lovely!
I am moved by your transparency and I applaud you
for actually flying! I too have fear of flying and at this point cant say Id ever fly.
I too have had many fears and still have some although I am continually learning to put my trust in Him… every area of my life.
I am blessed by the beauty that you see and share with us.
Thank you sweet Rachel for giving and blessing my life

In His love,


I feel your pain my darling ! I like to be in control of my traveling whereabouts and flying I am not. I Pray and if I get a funky feeling I will abandon as well. I do not travel a lot due to this issue. I did fly off to Texas just so I could make a trip to The Prairie and Magnolia Market.
I have many of your bags and use them for my beach retreat weekends. You are a kindred Soul as my favs are jeans, cowboy boots, leather and silver jewelry.
Thank you for the most recent sale !!! Happy Traveling’s to You and Many Blessings xoxo


I feel like I could have written this blog, word for word! There are those of us who have a very true understanding of your fears. Thank you for your sharing your lovely creativity…I have a deep appreciation for all of your designs and products. This bag being one of them.


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