Poetic Portraits: Jorunn Mulen

When I began Shabby Chic nearly 30 years ago my mission was to create a world of timeless beauty. I am not an educated designer, so my only resource has been from my imagination and intuition. While the core of my business is home furnishings, I am very drawn to art as it adds a layer of storytelling. My appreciation goes way back, from the days when my Mama painted in her little back room. Sometimes I connect with simple decorative florals or landscapes that I come across at the flea markets, however it was a special day while on a visit to London a few years ago when I was introduced to Jorunn Mulen.
She is currently based in Norway, where she returned after gaining her Masters in Arts Illustration at Falmouth College of Art UK. I had seen some of her art and was instantly captivated by the soulfulness of her work that she calls Poetic Portraits.  While the art in itself is a visual experience, there is a quiet narrative that come along with each piece. I see much of Jorunn in her work, a gentle, deep, soulful beauty.

Humbly beautiful Jorunn in her studio.

Her medium of choice is acrylic on canvas and water colour on paper.
Last year I wanted to include her story in my book "My Floral Affair" (available online and in-store) so I took the journey to visit her in her little teeny tiny studio in Bergen Norway.
As small as her window is, the light reflects off the white stone walls creating a magical light. Her paint palettes and her quiet little vases of flowers compliment her painting in process. Upstairs from her studio is her equally teeny apartment that she shares with her daughter.  Humble beauty at its finest.
Jorunn and her daughter when she was small.
Once a year she attends an artist in residency course in Apricale, Italy, where her inspiration gets refueled. Over the years Jorunn has built a loyal following of collections worldwide. Her work aesthetically and emotionally compliments the story telling experience in our Santa Monica, CA store.
Taken from Jorunn's artist in residency course that she attends.


kate shehan

I love these portraits. So talented.

Stephanie Bradley

Lovely post Rachel. I am so honored to say I own three paintings of Jorunn’s ! My most recent piece is a very large painting of my daughters which was a gift to myself for my 50th Birthday.
Thank you so much for sharing Jorunn’s art with the world, otherwise I would not have known.
All the best~ Stephanie

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