Welcome Back Wildflower

As you must already know I’ve had a love affair with flowers forever...
My most recent book My Floral Affair is a testament to this.
Real flowers, faux florals, rose paintings, my beloved garden and, of course, floral prints for both apparel and home furnishings.
Many, many years ago when I launched my first ever Shabby Chic bed linen collection, Wildflower was one of my first designs. I always loved the meandering flowers randomly tossed in a purposeful way. On the brighter shade of my pale palette gentle on the eye.
I kept it in the collection for years and years. Along with the bed linens, it was used on tablecloths, tote bags, surfboards, mugs, rugs & many other home furnishing elements.
It never got old, I just retired it for a while to give other designs their day of  glory. But partly due to the popular demand and partly because I love it and partly to celebrate our Shabby Chic  30th Anniversary, we have given Wildflower a new chapter in the world of Shabby Chic. She will be available as a duvet, shams and our bag collection on August 19th, 2019.
For those of you who remember her from years gone by I hope you will enjoy her like a friend from the past. For those who are seeing her for the first time I hope you will fall in love.


Kathy McDonagh

I have the Wildflower Duvet in a king size but it’s threadbare because it’s all I’ve used since I bought it years ago. I am heartbroken that I can’t find a new or used king-sized duvet in Wildflower to replace the one I have. I hope you will restock again. Please, please, please…. :)

Betty Williamson

I love all of the older styles. I still have the blue serenity tea stained bedding from the nineties & love it. I have collected the old soft blue asiatic pheasant plates which I have on the wall behind the bed. I have never tired of it. U used to have blue sheets with pink rosebuds & also the serenity bedding n a pale sage green. I would love to see more of the original again patterns again.
Betty Williamson

A Friend

Do you have the Wildflower fabric available again?

Tina Dollard

I was soooo happy to see Wildflower’s re-release, but you’re sold out! I had the tea-stained duvet and shams for 15 years and never tired of the pattern. It’s one of the few items I have ever owned that I never wanted to part with—then I upped the size of our bed to King. Any way I can get the white or tea-stained wildflower duvet? Wish I would have looked sooner.
Your florals are absolutely beautiful, timeless.

Rose Langleotti

I love this Wildflower collection and so happy you’re bringing it back. The stripe pillow case and the other patterned pale pink sheets you paired with the duvet in the above photo is beautiful, too. Will you be adding those to your collection as well? I’d love to buy it all. The bed looks so lovely and comfy.

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